Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership


The Greater Augusta Wellness Partnership was created by the membership of the Augusta Community Health Forum in 2016. The Wellness Partnership's foundation rests upon the belief that creating a healthy community is possible through collective impact. The Wellness Partnership grew out of a desire to reinvigorate an existing networking group by recognizing the importance of the social determinants of health and their impact on physical, psychological and economic health.


Our Mission: To be a catalyst for promoting collaborative, active partnerships to sustain a healthy community in the Greater Augusta region.
Our Vision: The Greater Augusta region: a healthy, thriving, connected community.


About Us


Focus Areas:

Education Action Team (EDAT)

Regular Meetings

3rd Wednesday of Each Month

AMI Office at Augusta Health Wellness Center

107 Medical Center Circle, Fishersville VA 


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Behavioral Health Action Team

Regular Meeting

2nd Wednesday of Each Month

United Way of Greater Augusta

24 Idlewood Blvd, Fishersville VA


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Our Strategic Plan


Our Partners


Contact Us:


If you have questions, comments, or would like information about how to get involved, please contact Susan Lendermon, Wellness Partnership Coordinator by email at

Or you can call Wellness Partnership Steering Committee Co-Chair Erin Botkin at 540-213-7599

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