Bridge The Gap

United Way of Greater Augusta is launching "Bridge the Gap" Campaign

We are launching a "BRIDGE THE GAP" campaign to address financial realities that are affecting corporate giving and nonprofits nationwide.  For the past two fiscal years, we have experienced decreases in corporate-employee-giving donations and at this time, we are projecting to be down about 30%  compared to last year. 

We have already made significant cuts in our  own operating budget and we have eliminated every internal expenditure and over head cost possible. All of those precautionary measures have resulted in us saving over $65,000 but unfortunately it is not enough.

This additional fundraising effort to bridge the gap in giving for this fiscal year will ensure that our Grant Funded Partners go unaffected.  "Our Goal is to raise an additional $50,000 over the cost-saving measures already taken, in new non-designated funding so that there will be no financial impact to our grant-funded agency partners, " explains Jeff Miracle, CEO of United Way of Greater Augusta. "We have the resources to fully fund these partners in the near term. Our intent is that the 'Bridge the Gap' campaign will allow us to continue to fully fund our Nonprofit Partner Agencies through the fiscal year."

The decline that we are currently facing in corporate-employee giving may force us to reduce or cease funding to grant-funded agencies from April 15 through June 30. "We are making every effort to prevent that from happening," stresses Mr Miracle.

So now we turn to you, our community, in hopes that you will help us continue to help so many other organizations.  Our neighbors need us and they need YOU to step up and show us you LIVE UNITED by clicking the donate button below.



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