Who is eligible for funding?

To be eligible for a Community Impact Grant for the 2018-19 cycle, the staff or board member responsible for providing content and direction for your UWGA 2018-19 application must be the same person in attendance at UWGA RFP Training (January 9th or 16th) and have completed a complete ROMA (Results Oriented Management and Accountability) training. Your organization also must not be engaged in or planning to run a capital campaign, and not require participants to engage in religious activities.

While (as of this year) it is no longer a UWGA Requirement for funding, it is encouraged that your Board or Staff engage with United Way of Greater Augusta by either Giving, Advocating, or Volunteering.

Give: Offer to Board and Staff the opportunity to contribute to United Way of Greater Augusta Annual Campaign via direct donations or workplace payroll deductions.

Advocate: Engage in proven outreach, with documentation, that your organization has advocated on an issue relevant to the platform of United Way Worldwide including (but not limited to) a letter writing campaign with board member involvement, a letter to the editor, press release(s), and social media strategy to impact relevant issue(s). Examples of this from the past year include congressional consideration of the Earned Income Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit, Charitable Contribution Laws, and the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Volunteer: Participate with United Way by engaging corporate or nonprofit partners in a meaningful and productive way at the Board and Staff level for the purpose of increasing capacity or benefitting the greater good. Examples: Host a creative and impactful Week of Caring project, share knowledge by having a board member present at a community training, etc.